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Perfect Shield Protects Steel Coils from Weather

River Steel Inc has introduced the Perfect Shield retractable cover for use in the steel coil industry. The Perfect Shield protects steel coils and cargo from weather. Moisture is eliminated by the design of the Perfect Shield, in which constant air circulation keeps moisture from condensing on the steel coils.

The patent-pending Perfect Shield is constructed of 1/8" wall, 1 11/44" square tubing, and 18-gauge galvanized sheeting capable of covering 96" steel coils, and it can be customized. Retractable covers are pneumatically operated and controlled via a pendulum from either the ground or truck cab. River Steel also offers an optional dual-drive cover system, allowing the entire load bed to be used.

For full information, contact River Steel, PO Box 577, 817 Bainbridge, LaCrosse WI 54602-0577.

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