Partnership produces new collection truck

A partnership between Fontaine Modification Company, Fyda Freightliner, and GSP Marketing Inc has resulted in the new MP8000/M2-106 Dual Stand-UP Drive Combo multi-purpose collection truck.

The Combo combines three collection technologies:

  • The maneuverable Freightliner M2-106 conventional cab chassis from Fyda Freightliner

  • The G-S Products productive semi-automated dual side-loader body from GSP Marketing

  • Fontaine's dual low-entry stand-up drive cab

The vehicle has been designed to allow two operators to efficiently collect and load material from both sides of a route. The Combo's dual stand-up cab offers low entry access on both sides so two operators can enter and exit quickly. The cab also can be equipped with dual steering. The MP8000 body has 1.5-cubic-yard receiving hoppers on both sides.

The Combo has a lower upfront cost than low-cab-forward and drop-frame configurations. It offers fuel economy, thanks in part to its lighter weight and small-block engine. The M2-106 chassis provides conventional cab maneuverability paired with stand-up drive visibility.

Made in the United States, this vehicle comes in capacities ranging from 13 to 37 cubic yards in single- or tandem-axle configurations. It is sold exclusively by GSP Marketing. For more information, call 877-445-4499.

To learn more about Fontaine, call 800-366-8246 or visit online at For further details about Fyda Freightliner, access
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