Parker updates catalog of hose products

A new version of Hose Products Division Catalog 4400 is available from Parker Hannifin Corporation. The up-to-date guide is a fluid power professional's resource for product information and installation assistance for Parker hydraulic hoses, fittings, equipment, accessories and technical information.

From the Parker Tracking System to the HoseFinder mobile app, Catalog 4400 brings the latest Hose Products Division innovations to users in a five-tab, easy-to-navigate manual separated according to Introduction, Hose, Fittings, Equipment, Accessories, and Technical information. The glossy, 400-pluspage catalog is three-hole-punched for easy binder storage and is available to all Parker customers and distributors.

The Hose section has been redesigned to include extended detail about each hose such as specifications, applicable markets and applications the hose was designed for. Complete dimension data is also listed for all of Parker's hose and fitting offerings. Technical sections include the most current chemical compatibility charts, as well as diagrams demonstrating proper hose routing, and for identifying fitting types.

Catalog 4400 is printed with mobile Quick Response (QR) codes — 2D barcodes — that link users to content such as crimper training videos, the new ParkerStore Onsite Mobile Work Container Program, and further product details, which can be accessed by scanning the QR image with a smart phone.

Abbreviated Hose Products Division information is also now available as a Quick Reference Guide (Bulletin 4400-B13) or wall chart. The guide is an eight-panel foldout directory to Parker's hydraulic, Push-Lok, suction and return, transportation and refrigerant hoses, as well as specialized hoses for low-temperature, ground support and alternative/marine applications. The wall chart also includes Parker's complete line of hoses in a large, easy-to-read poster format.

Updated wall charts for the Parkrimp No-Skive 43 Series and 77 Series crimp fittings are available immediately for quick and easy hose assembly end connection selection.

For Catalog 4400 and related Hose Products Division materials, contact Parker at 1-800-C-PARKER or download items at

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