Parker RunWise Advanced Series hybrid drive designed for Class 8 refuse vehicles

Parker Hannifin introduces the latest version of the RunWise Advanced Series hybrid drive system for use with Class 8 refuse vehicles. Featuring a hydrostatic drive and brake energy recovery capabilities, RunWise reduces fuel consumption, carbon emissions, and brake wear, while improving vehicle performance and driver satisfaction.

RunWise replaces a refuse truck's conventional drivetrain with a series hybrid drive system that marries the variable features of a hydrostatic drive, ideal for urban routes, with the efficient performance of a mechanical drive that performs best at highway speeds. Coupling this hybrid drive system with brake energy recovery technology, which captures more than 70% of the vehicle's braking energy, enables RunWise to reuse this stored energy to accelerate the truck while operating during collection routes.

Unveiled at Waste Expo 2009, RunWise — Modular Gen I — features a patent-pending cradle design for packaging mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical components. Because the cradle houses all major hydraulic subsystems, it facilitates manufacturing, installation, testing, and servicing. Cradle design flexibility accommodates multiple chassis configurations and simplifies OEM truck assembly with minimal electrical, driveshaft, and cooling system hookups. If major service is required, the cradle can be removed and a new cradle reinstalled quickly, eliminating vehicle downtime.

In documented field trials on refuse trucks, RunWise performance benefits include:

  • Enhanced fuel economy — Fuel consumption is reduced 30%-50%. Vehicles can utilize full engine power at any time, but the system's design optimizes efficiency by matching engine load with vehicle requirements.

  • Reduced emissions — Less fuel consumption results in a corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions.

  • Reduced brake wear — Absorption and storage of energy during deceleration results in less wear on brakes and the rear tires run cooler. RunWise accommodates ATC and ABS.

  • Improved drivability — The drivetrain is smoother and quieter than traditional trucks, with little vibration. The no-shift feature of the hydrostatic drive contributes to smooth starts and quick launch speeds.

Key components of RunWise include the engine, primary pump, secondary drive pump/motors, accumulators, and Parker's proprietary Power Drive Unit (PDU). Parker's Advanced Series system features two-speed hydrostatic drive (low speed 0-25 mph and high speed 26-45 mph) for urban driving combined with mechanical direct drive for efficient operation at highway speeds (45-50+ mph). All shifting occurs smoothly and automatically, and all speed modes accommodate brake energy recovery, allowing stored brake energy to be used to accelerate the vehicle in all modes of operation.

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