Parker Chelsea provides 898 Series PTO

Parker Chelsea makes PTO and pump installation simpler and more reliable for oilfield exploration and maintenance trucks. Because of the large physical size of pumps used on these applications, clearance has always been a challenge. Chelsea's new 898 Series was designed with this in mind to provide maximum clearance for the 4000-4500 Series transmissions with the oil cooler option.

Another challenge is the torsional vibrations from diesel engines that prematurely wear out mating PTO and pump splines. The Wet Spline System that lubricates the mating PTO and pump shafts will increase the life of these components seven to 10 times longer than a dry mating connection. This PTO is a constant mesh version of the 891 Series and is an excellent choice for variable-displacement piston pumps.

The 898 features six speed ratios and seven output types to provide flexibility for various applications.

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