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Palfinger adds High Performance crane

Palfinger has added the PK 65002-SH to its new High Performance crane line. This crane offers:

  • Endless slewing system with two slewing drives — Since the two drives are reciprocally hydraulically pre-stressed, the crane's slewing play is reduced to a minimum. The double slewing system ensures a high slewing torque and extremely precise crane movements.

  • Maintenance-free extension boom system — Use of sliding elements made from special synthetic material combined with time-tested KTL cathodic dip painting means the operator no longer needs to service the boom system.

  • Functional design — The new design vocabulary keeps abreast of the times in shape and choice of materials. Covers of synthetic material dominate the appearance.

  • Integrated tank — The tank is integrated into the base frame to help save space. There is no longer any need for additional installation space on the vehicle chassis.

  • Palfinger crane technology — Numerous comfort and safety functions (such as S-HPLS, AOS, DPS-Plus, and HPSC) make the operator's work easier.

  • Lateral cable guide of the cable winch in crane/fly jib combinations — The cable can be reeved and stays in the transport position; unreeving of the cable and disassembly of the roller head plus the intermediate roller and deflection roller are not needed. A power link cable winch on the main boom is an option that minimizes the crane's overall height.

  • Radio remote control with LCD display — The control panel has a new large graphic display screen that shows the operator a variety of operating conditions such as capacity usage, active systems, servicing intervals, movements currently accessible, or the position of the stabilizers.

  • Lifting moment of 62.0 meter tonnes — Equipped with up to eight hydraulic extensions, it achieves a hydraulic outreach of 66'-11" (20.4 meters).

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