PacLease announces new lease programs for vocational customers

PACCAR Leasing Company (PacLease) has now completed a roll-out of a new full-service truck leasing program for those in vocational fields. The move is already benefiting many vocational companies that were quick to transition toward leasing when PacLease began offering vocational leasing and maintenance services.

"Full-service truck leasing is new to vocational customers who historically have opted to own and maintain their equipment," said Bob Southern, president of PACCAR Leasing.

According to Southern, there are two key reasons why leasing appeals to vocational companies. First, they can take advantage of off-balance sheet financing that a lease offers. Second, they can outsource maintenance to experienced technicians.

"With the advent of new technology in trucks and engines, coupled with a shortage of qualified technicians, it makes sense to use a service network that knows the equipment inside and out," Southern said. "And that's PacLease."

In addition, Southern said that Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks are workhorse trucks that deliver the payload capacity, reliability, and operator satisfaction vocational customers need.

"PacLease is a natural fit for the vocational industry since we custom-spec the equipment with our customers," said Southern. "We know local size and weight laws. Moreover, we have relationships with mixer, dump and other body/trailer builders to complete the equipment package."

Chris Miller, chairman of Rockman LLC of Lake Stevens, Washington, said adding maintenance to his leasing contract eases the burden of finding technicians. "It's a great fit to have PacLease handle everything," he said. "They know the trucks better than anyone."

For those interested in the vocational program, PacLease has a new brochure, which explains the benefits of a leasing program, plus offers insight from vocational companies currently leasing with PacLease.

To learn more about PacLease programs contact your local PacLease location or visit

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