Other Print Opportunities

Trailer/Body Builders is your partner for advanced marketing strategies.

Catalogs, CD-ROMS, and product samples are examples of items that can be bound or inserted into a polybag and mailed cost-effectively to our entire readership along with the monthly issue.

We offer creative ways to grab your buyer's attention:

  • Gate and barrel folds
  • Pre-printed polybags
  • Tip-ins
  • Belly bands
  • Gatefold inserts
  • Fold-out tabs.
Contact your sales representative for a quote.

CUSTOM PUBLISHING: Our custom publishing capability can be an important marketing tool for building your company’s brand loyalty, allowing you to create and maintain an effective, personalized relationship with your customers. We offer turnkey custom publishing services, providing content and distribution strategies.
For additional information, contact your Trailer/Body Builders Sales Representative.

ARTICLE REPRINTS: When your company, its products or people receive editorial coverage in Trailer/Body Builders, you’ll want to spread the good news. Our custom article reprints are high-quality reproductions of the original article reformatted to meet your special needs. You can add your company’s logo, an advertisement, or brief marketing copy to create a one-of-a-kind promotional piece that will impress your clients and prospects. Paper and electronic versions are available at attractive rates. Reprints make ideal collateral for direct mail campaigns, tradeshow handouts, investor relations materials, and media kits. Posters, plaques, and postcards can also be created to feature your coverage. For further information, contact Wright's Media at 877-652-5295 (outside the U.S. and Canada call 00-1-281-419-5725) or click here to see descriptions and samples of all reprint options.

AD REPRINTS: Your Trailer/Body Builders Sales Representative will be happy to provide quotes on reprinting your advertisement for additional distribution.

Achieve targeted, high-response communication in your market by selecting from a database of over 3.2 million recipients and buyers of products and services. Postal, telemarketing and e-mail lists are available to rent from our qualified subscriber lists, trade show attendees and book buyers. Pick the demographic and geographic selection that is right for your promotion. For more information, contact our list manager, Marie Briganti at (877) 796-6947 or [email protected], MeritDirect, 333 Westchester Avenue, White Plains, NY 10604.

To help make informed marketing and media decisions, our Marketing Research team provides industry-related data to our advertisers and agency counterparts. Our emphasis is on providing actionable market information that is accurate, ethical, and timely. Ask your Sales Representative about the latest research information available for your market, or for details about custom research opportunities.

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