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Oshkosh turns over HEMTTs to Army medics

Oshkosh Truck Corp delivered its latest Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) model to the United States Army Medical Department during a ceremony at Fort Sam Houston TX. At the event, four M1120 HEMTTs with load-handling systems (LHS) and container handling units were handed over to soldiers of the US Army Medical Center and School.

This is the first fielding of HEMTT-LHS models to the Army's Medical Corps, and the 147th Medical Logistics Battalion is the first medical unit to be equipped. The 11-ton-payload units will transport medical shelters, medical equipment, and supplies.

Col Robert L Groller, project manager for heavy tactical vehicles, says, “With the HEMTT-LHS, you will now be able to negotiate terrain once not passable carrying 11 tons and reduce upload time from one hour to five minutes with two soldiers rather than six.”

The HEMTT-LHS is one of the Army's extended service program. Oshkosh overhauled and rebuilt existing Army vehicles to “as new” condition.

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