Oshkosh Truck Corp Tracks USMC Orders

Oshkosh Truck Corp says it has developed an e-business parts ordering and tracking system for the United States Marine Corps (USMC).

Under the Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) initiative, the new Oshkosh e-commerce system will seamlessly interface with the existing USMC supply and accounting system. The system reduces lead times for parts orders, provides real-time order status via the web, and offers life-cycle analysis for the Marines.

As part of the same initiative, Oshkosh will provide bumper-to-bumper parts and service support for the new Medium Tactical Replacement (MTVR) fleet of up to 8,168 vehicles.

The e-commerce parts system is available to other Oshkosh defense customers, including the US Army.

By integrating all steps of supply chain management, from customer order to component delivery, the CLS initiative sets up a framework that will reduce lead time for parts and service support. When a customer enters an order, it is automatically submitted via electronic data interface to the Oshkosh supply system, which routes the request to the closest parts and service location. The customer is also able to obtain real-time information on order status and delivery date from a secured web site.

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