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Oshkosh rolls out big rig wrecker

Tow trucks called to the scene of a tractor-trailer accident need a lot of muscle to get a big rig back on its wheels and towed out of the way. That’s why Oshkosh Truck Corp.’s towing equipment subsidiary, JerrDan Corp., is rolling out a new rotator wrecker – featuring a boom that rotates a full 360º and is rated at 120,000 lbs.

JerrDan said the 60-ton rotator helps professional towers handle almost any extreme recovery, lift or pull, as it’s able to lift 24,600 lbs. while extended 43 ft. at 50º elevation and rotate 225º while lifting 53,000 lbs while extended 24 ft. at a 30º elevation. The company added that side pull capacity exceeds 68,000 lbs, while remaining firmly anchored to the ground, while its tip load rating is 18,400 lbs.

JerrDan also noted that it features a wide stabilizer spread -- a full 264 in. front and rear-- to provide excellent lifting capacities over the front, side and rear of the vehicle.

The stabilizers also provide 26 in. of ground penetration so the wrecker can be easily set up on sloped or uneven ground, with pads designed as spades that can dig into the ground for extra hold. The unique scissor-style design allows loads to be lifted closer to the ground and body when lifting over the outrigger’s extended beams, the company said.

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