Optronics celebrates 40th anniversary

Celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2012, Optronics International is also marking the completion of two major changes in the way it conducts business that enhances its customer service.

“In 2011, Optronics implemented a state-of-the-art warehouse managed software package utilizing radio frequency (RF) technology through Honeywell handheld computers. This has created a paperless operation at all of our North American facilities,” said Ken Smith, director of operations for Optronics. “This technology streamlined every process related to our operation, from receiving, production, order processing, and shipping.”

“Our RF system allows Optronics to handle inventory and customer orders more accurately and efficiently, making product available for shipment more quickly,” said Marcus Hester, director of sales and marketing for Optronics. “The end result is faster processing of orders and better service to our customers who receive the product they need when they need it.”

Also in 2011, Optronics implemented a globally prominent ERP business system, SAP. “SAP, while challenging to implement, better documents and controls the processes we already use to ensure consistent production, inventory control, order processing, shipping and billing,” said Brett Johnson, president/chief executive officer of Optronics.

For more information, visit www.optronicsinc.com.

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