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Optimum pumps offer Opti-Grip design

Muncie Power Products engineers had a mission to improve traditional gear pump technology to achieve higher performance over current industry designs. Their efforts resulted in the development of the Optimum Series hydraulic gear pumps, which offer a bushing-style design with enhanced durability and pressure capabilities while maintaining a reasonable size and competitive cost.

These specialized hydraulic gear pumps incorporate a distinctive load holding feature known as the “Opti-Grip.” The “Opti-Grip” design contributes to proper housing alignment and also helps prevent casting separation and pressure bulging that allows Optimum pumps to operate at high pressures. Large shaft journal diameters resist shaft deflection, and ultra-premium bushings allow for long-term use in extreme conditions.

In addition, the Optimum Series uses a 13-tooth gear design that reduces the frequency of hydraulic pressure pulses in the system, lessening hydraulic noise.

The Optimum Series comes in three frame sizes — W, X, and Y — with flow rates from 6-62 gpm at 1000 rpm with pressure capabilities up to 4,350 psi. Optimum products are designed to be bi-rotational and include side and rear ports, making them versatile. SAE straight thread ports are standard on all units, however; split-flange ports are optional for side ports on all frame sizes. This flexibility offers reduced inventory levels for service replacement units.

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