Online tool aids welding configuration

Miller Electric Mfg Co's Advanced Manufacturing Systems (AMS) group has created a new online tool to help guide users through the options available to them when they choose an Axcess or Auto-Axcess system for welding. The web-based tool can be found at

The Axcess series combines digital control technology with an inverter welding power source in a system that reduces the complexity of operating a semi-automatic advanced-pulse MIG system. The Auto-Axcess series seamlessly integrates an Axcess System with an interface for robotic automation. The summary can then be printed out for the customer's own reference, taken to a distributor for quotation, or e-mailed to someone in the AMS group to request more information or personal contact.

An Axcess system can meet a range of welding applications for high-volume manufacturers or fabricators. The Axcess system provides a superior arc for MIG welding processes within most manufacturing environments and applications. This includes traditional spray, pulsed, and short-circuit transfer MIG and two Miller hybrid processes, Accu-Pulse and RMD(Regulated Metal Deposition).

TAGS: Fabrication
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