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Online database covers up to 34,000 fleets

Transportation Technical Services (TTS) has posted a new Private Fleet Directory database on In a 24/7 environment, subscribers may view fleets, sort, select, and print detailed profiles on as many as 34,000 individual corporate fleets. All firms have 10 or more trucks and/or tractors.

Subscription options include ability to download selected companies to a computer hard drive or place on a CD-ROM. The file can then be imported into popular software and contact management programs, making mail labels, personalized letters, and telemarketing possible.

In all, six individual FleetSeek databases are available on the site: 46,000 United States, 4,300 Canadian, and 600 Mexican trucking firms; 34,000 private fleets; 2,900 trucker financials; and 59,000 owner-operators. More than 6.3 million trucks, tractors, and trailers are reflected on the site.

A 1,796-page 2004-2005 print PFD directory, including unlimited FleetSeek access (print only), plus 12 months of updates, is $445 (add $12 shipping and handling). Any part is available on CD-ROM to match a company's precise market focus, or the user may download all or part of the entire file from the site. Both options are at added cost. TTS guarantees 100% delivery of mailed marketing materials.

For more details, phone TTS toll-free at 888-ONLY-TTS or access and click on “Learn More.” You may also go to the corporate site at

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