One Kgel trailer handles two swap bodies

Kögel has begun production of the LongPlex trailer it introduced at the recent IAA show in Hanover, Germany.

The trailer, built to handle two swap bodies, telescopes 1.3 meter in order to be long enough for the two swap bodies.

The LongPlex is designed to simplify handling. For example, the front swap body can be transported rotated about its vertical axis in order to create adequate space for maneuvering during loading.

Because of its telescoping rear section, the trailer has the flexibility to transport two swap bodies, two 20-ft ISO containers, or either a 30-ft or 40-ft container.

The LongPlex has a tare weight of approximately 5,400 kg (12,000 pounds). Retracted, it its 13.4 meters long (44 feet), and measures 14.4 meters (47.2 feet long) when extended. A series of ten guide rollers simplify the mounting of the swap bodies.

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