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Omaha Standard recognizes distributors

Omaha Standard, Council Bluffs, Iowa, honored its top distributors during the 2002 Work Truck Show in Orlando, Florida. Forty-two distributors were recognized during a ceremony at the Rosen Center Hotel.

“These distributors were chosen because of their enhancements to the distributorship area that they serve by increasing market share, plus their quality of customer service, and finally their commitment to educating their sales force in the products that Omaha Standard manufactures,” said Dean Wegner, marketing manager for Omaha Standard.

Tom Moser, president of Omaha Standard, shared additional company news with the distributors, including the acquisition of a new laser cutter working in conjunction with a robotic material supplier. Moser said the laser will cut all types of materials — aluminum, stainless, and steel. The machine can be operated 24/7, and it will greatly benefit Omaha's efficiency level.

Moser also spoke about Omaha's newest body styles — the Omaha Service Vehicle that mounts on cut-a-way van models and the Omaha Standard Landscaper, with its rear doors that have both tailgate and top-hinge swing. Platform production has doubled because of the new efficiencies from the floor/drill/screw machine that has cut installation time by 50%, he said.

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