Oklahoma firms meet NATM Guidelines

Belshe Industries Inc and Durabuilt Trailers, both based in Tecumseh OK, now comply with National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) Guidelines and will be assured that trailers purchased displaying the NATM compliance decal meet a high safety standard.

Both firms passed the NATM safety compliance consultation, part of the group's compliance program. This program, including its consultation, is based on the NATM Guidelines for Recommended Minimum Manufacturing Practices for Light- and Medium-Duty Trailers. The Guidelines is a compilation of federal safety standards and regulations and industry best practices that govern trailer construction.

Belshe manufactures a full line of equipment trailers, and Durabuilt produces a full line of utility trailers. To learn more, visit www.Belshetrailers.com or www.DurabuiltTrailers.com.

NATM's compliance program, including the on-site consultation, is available to all NATM trailer manufacturing members. Once the manufacturer's manufacturing process passes the 80-point checklist based on the Guidelines, the company is then compliant and eligible to purchase a red, white, and blue compliance decal for application to compliant trailers. The decal states that the trailer was “Manufactured in Compliance with NATM Guidelines.”

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