NTTC Welcomes Carriers Supporting Oilfield, Shale Gas Operations

National Tank Truck Carriers will increase its efforts to encourage tank truck companies that support the growing oilfield and shale gas operations to join the association which represents many segments of the tank truck industry.

“We have been pleased to add new carriers from this growing tank truck transportation market at the same time many of our current members have increased their own operations in this field,” said Greg Hodgen, president of Groendyke Transport and the current chairman of NTTC. “We share the same regulatory, equipment and driver challenges as are found in the new energy support areas and we will welcome carriers who share the NTTC mission for safety and productivity. We welcome the companies who already have joined and will reach out to others who we know we can provide value and who will make us stronger.”

For information on NTTC membership, whether common carrier or private fleet, contact Dan Furth at 703-838-1960 or [email protected]

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