NTEA Releases Manufacturer Operating Metrics Benchmarking Survey Report

National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) members now have a new tool for becoming world-class manufactures. The NTEA recently published the 2006 Manufacturer Operating Metrics Benchmarking Survey Report, the result of a joint survey conducted with the National Truck Dealers Association (NTDA).

The Report represents responses from NTEA and NTDA members identifying and assessing critical operating data on issues members can use to create world-class manufacturing processes.

“The machinery, engineering and purchasing components of this Report were very interesting since we, as an association, have never had data on these items,” said Jim Carney, NTEA executive director.”

In the manufacturing area, more than 48% of the high-profit manufacturer participants indicated that their design and engineering departments had production machinery less than five years old. For the median manufacturer, the response was 30%.

Almost all of the figures are medians (the middle number of all values reported arranged from lowest to highest).

The Report presents a detailed review of general information, operations, quality and measures, sales, organization, and safety and insurance. Data is presented for the median NTEA and NTDA manufacturer, high-profit manufacturers, by line of business and company sales volume category.

The Report features:

  • An Executive Summary that provides an overview of the study results, with emphasis on the differences between the median firm and the high-profit company.
  • A Detailed Results section that examines company sales by product and customer, operations, quality and measures, organization, and safety and insurance.
  • An Analysis of Variance that is based on all participating firms and provides the range of common experience for all applicable ratios and measures.

Participants receive the Report free-of-charge as well as an individual assessment directly from Mackay Research Group (Lafayette, CO) comparing their company’s practices to the industry and to others in the same sales classification.

The cost for non-participating NTEA members is $100; $200 nonmembers. To purchase a copy of the Report, visit the “Storefront” at www.ntea.com/ or call 1-800-441-NTEA (6832).

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