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NTEA releases Application Market Survey Report

The National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) has released Parts One and Two of its Application Market Survey Report, including the business activity and application market subtotals categorized by manufacturing and distribution functions. “Results of this survey will help truck equipment manufacturers and distributors understand the potential for their products in various markets,” said NTEA’s Market Data and Research Director Steve Latin-Kasper. “In addition, the results show the relative importance of those markets to each other.”In total, 90 NTEA members participated in the survey (34 distributors and 56 manufacturers), reporting more than $1.5 billion of product shipments. Participants were asked to classify themselves by business activity, and report the dollar value shipped to their top 20 application markets (as categorized in a list of approximately 150).Truck body manufacturers reported 53.9% of the manufacturer total. Manufacturers of complete vehicles produced on purchased chassis and truck equipment manufacturers each accounted for 22.6% of the manufacturer total. Buses represent the majority of the complete vehicles reported. For distributors, truck bodies accounted for 45.3% of reported sales, and truck equipment accounted for 52.4%. The survey determined that for distributors, the top five application markets were construction; government; waste management and remediation services; utilities; and retail trade, respectively. In total those five application markets accounted for 82% of distributor sales in 2002.For manufacturers, the top five application markets were transportation and warehousing; construction; rental and leasing; government; and manufacturing, respectively. These top five markets accounted for 71% of the manufacturer total.The results from Parts One and Two of NTEA’s Application Market Survey are available for $50 NTEA members; $100 nonmembers. To underscore the value of participating in NTEA surveys, until March 2004, only survey participants will have access to Parts Three and Four of the survey. These results include the detailed breakdown for each business activity by each application market. In March 2004, the complete report will be made available to nonparticipants for $500 NTEA members; $1,000 nonmembers.To order a copy of the Application Market Survey Report, call 1-800-441-NTEA; e-mail [email protected]; or visit (click on “Products and Services”).

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