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NTEA publishes new shop installation survey

The National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) has announced the release of its newly-published2001 NTEA Shop Installation Survey Results Report, a tool developed by the NTEA to assist distributors in business process improvements.

The report offers a basis for comparing installation times and shop productivity, as well as providing key benchmarks for companies having or seeking to initiate flat-rate compensation or bonus systems.

The survey, which was last conducted in 1994, includes data on personnel, employee compensation, shop profits, material handling equipment and the tabulation of installation times for 23 types of commercial truck bodies and equipment. The current survey data also shows an increase in the average number of people employed. Nationwide, the average number of employees for a distributor increased from 22.6 in 1994 to 28.6 in 2000 — the highest figure reported since 1979.

The report can be ordered through the NTEA website.

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