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NTEA to introduce SPEQ plan

The NTEA will introduce the SPEQ (Sales, Productivity, Earnings and Quality) Plan, a comprehensive training and reference guide for members, developed in support of the NTEA Member Verification Program to help members build their core business competencies.

The Association will debut the plan's introductory chapter on business foundation and its quality chapter at the 41st Annual NTEA Convention. The remaining three portions - sales, productivity and earnings - will be introduced throughout 2005.

In July 2004, the NTEA Board of Trustees adopted a new Strategic Plan. As a result, the NTEA is continuing the development of programs that will help "build the core business competencies of distributors and manufacturers to allow them to better compete in a difficult and competitive environment."

The NTEA Member Verification Program (MVP) that was detailed in the December issue of NTEA News and under the "NTEA News" section of, is one such program. This article provides information on a new service that will support the MVP and help members build their core business competencies.

Jim Kraschinsky, president of Stahl (Wooster, OH) and chairman of the NTEA Services Committee, recently announced that the Association would introduce the SPEQ Plan.

"The NTEA is excited to introduce the SPEQ Plan, a Web-based manual that provides members with reference and training materials keyed to aspects of their firms' sales, productivity, earnings and quality," said Kraschinsky. "With the product being Web-based, it will be easy for members to use, and will readily link to a number of other related Web-based resources and training programs. It will also make the product more flexible by allowing us to change the content continuously."

According to Kraschinsky, the SPEQ Plan will assist members in two primary ways: provide those companies desiring to improve their performance with management guidelines and a training program containing valuable business improvement processes, ideas and plans; and provide a foundation and primary reference tool for companies interested in becoming a verified NTEA member. The plan provides the necessary training and testing companies will use when applying for verification.

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