NTEA holding Board of Trustees election

The NTEA is conducting its annual Board of Trustees election during the month of January. One Distributor Trustee and two Manufacturer Trustees will be elected.

Here are the candidates, with each providing his top industry concern:

Distributor Category

* Mike Anderson • Company: Semi Service, Inc. (Salt Lake City, UT)

Member Since 1998

Top Industry Concern: Growing relationships between manufacturers and distributors to a create better understanding of industry problems.

* Trip Forman • Company: Pick-Up Pals, Inc. (Lubbock, TX) Member Since 1996

Top Industry Concern: Distributor-manufacturer relations. Manufacturer Category

* Allen Birmingham • Company: Tommy Gate Company (Phoenix, AZ)

Member Since 1973

Top Industry Concern: The need to ensure the industry has strong, profitable and solvent distributors.

* Mark Boice • Company: Warner Bodies (Noblesville, IN) NTEA Member Since 1986

Top Industry Concerns: An aging workforce and challenges recruiting young associates.

* Andrew L. Outcalt • Company: Meyer Products, Inc. (Cleveland, OH)

Member Since 1969

Top Industry Concern: Increasing profitable growth for distributors and manufacturers.

* Jim Radous • Company: Knaack Manufacturing Company (Crystal Lake, IL)

Member Since 1979

Top Industry Concern: Building a stronger lobbying effort in Washington on behalf of the NTEA and its members regarding industry and government standards.

* Mark Whaley • Company: Iowa Mold Tooling Co., Inc. (Garner, IA)

Member Since 1978

Top Industry Concern: Developing interdependent relationships between dealers and manufacturers based on mutual trust and profitable growth while recognizing the needs of the markets and customers served.

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