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NTEA co-hosts Early Warning Reporting seminar

In order to help manufacturers of commercial truck and transportation equipment comply with the new Early Warning Reporting requirements of the TREAD Act, the NTEA is co-sponsoring a seminar Nov. 14 in Washington, D.C. Cost of the seminar is $225 per person, with a registration deadline of Nov. 7. To register, contact Tami Wilson at the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association’s Standard and Education Department at 1-800-336-0154, ext. 348. as part of the new regulations, NHTSA has divided manufacturers into two groups, both of which must file quarterly reports:-- Manufacturers of light vehicles, medium-heavy vehicles and all buses, trailers, and motorcycles who produce, import, offer for sale, or sell more than 500 units annually in the United States. They must report on deaths, injuries, property damage, consumer complains, warranty claims information, field reports, and production.-- Those who produce, import, or sell fewer than 500 in the US. They must report the same information about incidents involving deaths, but are not required to report any other information.

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