NTEA announces second round to qualify for Member Verification Program

The National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) announced that 163 Distributor and Manufacturer members have achieved Member Verification Program (MVP) status as of Oct. 1. Eighty-six members qualified in the first round announced on July 1, and an additional 77 members were qualified as of Oct. 1, 2005.

The MVP was approved by the NTEA Board of Trustees in March 2005. Applications for verification status were accepted from members beginning in May. Members will be able to submit applications any time through the year. Those qualifying for MVP status will be announced on a quarterly basis.

“The NTEA developed the MVP program to meet key strategic objectives of building better partnerships between distributors and manufacturers and suppliers and customers,” said NTEA Executive Director Jim Carney. “The MVP stresses that verified companies have in place key business components that help identify them as quality business partners.”

To qualify, truck equipment manufacturers and distributors must meet criteria that are key to providing quality products and vehicles. For example, vehicle upfitters must provide proof that they are attempting to comply with specific regulatory requirements necessary for the manufacture of trucks. They must also demonstrate that they have adequate liability insurance coverage, a quality program and ASE-certified mechanics or certified welders.

Body and equipment manufacturers have similar requirements for insurance coverage, quality programs and certified employees and must also verify that they provide installation instructions for their products and that they have a warranty policy to address product defects. In total, all verified members must provide proof that they meet four of five criteria.

Over time, the NTEA will increase program requirements to encourage even higher standards through set criteria that must be met in order to continue to qualify for MVP status. Members must re-qualify every three years to maintain their MVP status.

For a complete listing of MVPs, or to learn more about the Program, please visit www.ntea.com.

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