Norcryl Tapes Can Replace Rivets, Adhesives

Norcryl solid acrylic attachment tapes from Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics offer superior internal strength. Its bonding power can reduce use of or replace conventional fasteners, rivets, liquid adhesives, and welds. Norcryl attachment tapes improve product appearance by reducing rivet and weld use. The K-2000 series is translucent, allowing the tape to blend in with the background and maintain product appearance. The K-1000 series is clear and virtually invisible once applied.

These tapes are available in thicknesses from .010" to .060" and in roll widths from 1/4" to 18". The ultra-thin gauges are ideal for low-profile applications. For additional information, contact Saint-Gobain, 150 Dey Rd, Wayne NJ 07470-4699.

QuickJet Nozzle Tip Changeout a Snap Spraying Systems Co's new ProMax QuickJet spray nozzle incorporates several new design features. These include easy-grip spray tips, a locking design that assures correct placement of the spray tip, and an internal O-ring seal that remains attached to the spray tip to prevent accidental loss or misplacement.

The new ProMax QuickJet spray nozzles have a two-part assembly with a spray tip design that allows quick tip changing without tools. Replacing the spray tip is easier due to a detent flexing member on the spray tip. It provides a renewed "snap-in" feel whenever the tip is replaced. A built-in internal stop assures automatic spray alignment.

This nozzle is available with flat, full, or hollow cone spray tips. Each spray tip is color-coded by capacity for quick identification. The spray tip is equipped with a Viton seal, which remains attached to the tip to prevent loss or misplacement.

The nozzle is constructed of ProMax material, a chemically coupled, glass-reinforced grade of polypropylene that offers strength, durability, and chemical resistance. It resists caking and scale buildup, so clogging problems are virtually eliminated. For more information, contact Spraying Systems, PO Box 7900, Wheaton IL 60189-7900.

Accuride Model Adds to Slide-Length Range With the addition of Model 9301 to its product line, Accuride now offers a range of slide lengths from the 8-inch 2601 to the 60-inch 9301. Model 9301 is a full-extension drawer slide designed for flat- or side-mounting in various heavy-duty storage applications. Load rating per pair varies from 150 to 500 pounds, depending on slide usage. The 9301 requires .75 inches of side space and features extra silencing during drawer closure. It is available in lengths up to 60 inches. For full information, contact Accuride, 12311 Shoemaker Ave, Santa Fe Springs CA 90670.

Bulldog Jack Has Pin-to-the-Front Design The HammerBlow Corp has announced its newest addition to the Bulldog 12,000-lb support capacity, square jack product line. New pin-to-the-front, heavy-duty square jacks provide a solution for tandem trailer mount applications.

With the pin-to-the-front design, the same jack fits in both the left and right position of a tandem jack setup. Ordering, inventory, and installation require one part number instead of two. Installers don't need to reverse gears and can't confuse left- and right-position jacks because one model serves both positions. The pin faces to the front instead of the side, giving more clearance and more options when choosing weld positions.

The optional spring return drop leg allows quick changes to the height of the leg and lets a single person make adjustments one-handed. For more information, contact HammerBlow, 1000 First St, Wausau WI 54403.

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