NHTSA postpones TREAD Act requirements

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has postponed the deadlines for large manufacturers to submit Early Warning Reporting (EWR) required by the TREAD Act, according to a notice published in the June 11 Federal Register.

The action comes as a partial response by NHTSA to petitions for reconsideration. The petitions were filed by multiple organizations, including the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers and the National Truck Equipment Association.

Among the changes:

• The initial reporting period for quarterly incident and statistical data reports is now the third quarter of 2003, rather than the second.

• The reporting period for the one-time report on historical data has been adjusted to include the second quarter of 2003.

NHTSA extended the reporting deadlines 90 days “to ensure that we have consistent data and that manufacturers have time to incorporate all needed changes into their data collection systems.”

The deadline for filing the third-quarter 2003 data is December 1—the allowable 60 days after the end of the reporting period.

“To make it more convenient for manufacturers to submit their data and to protect against a possible system overload that could occur if every manufacturer tried to submit its data on the afternoon of December 1, we plan to work with the larger manufacturers to develop a schedule under which their data will be submitted over several days at the end of November and/or early December.” NHTSA wrote in the Federal Register notice.

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