NFPA supplies six new technical standards

Six new technical standards have been published and are available from the National Fluid Power Association (NFPA):

  • ISO 4392-1:2002, Hydraulic fluid power — Determination of characteristics of motors — Part 1: At constant low speed and constant pressure, describes a method of determining the low-speed characteristics of positive displacement rotary fluid power motors, of either fixed or variable displacement types, so that users can take these characteristics into account when designing a system. Price per copy: $40 list; $34 for NFPA members.

  • ISO 4392-2:2002 Hydraulic fluid power — Determination of characteristics of motors — Part 2: Startability, specifies two comparable test methods — one using constant pressure, the other constant torque — for determining the starting efficiency of hydraulic motors. Price per copy: $44 list, $37 NFPA members.

  • ISO 6072:2002, Hydraulic fluid power — Compatibility between fluids and standard elastomeric materials specifies test methods for evaluation of fluids exposed to standard elastomeric materials that have been manufactured in accordance with specified processes. Price per copy: $55 list, $47 NFPA members.

  • ISO 16873:2002, Hydraulic fluid power — Pressure switches — Mounting surfaces provides for dimensional interchangeability by specifying the mounting surfaces for pressure switches. It also gives guidelines for standardized arrangement of connections for pressure switches and for mounting plates and hydraulic valves. Price per copy: $29 list, $24 NFPA members.

  • NFPA/T2.13.13-2002 Recommended practice — Hydraulic fluid power — Fluids — Viscosity selection criteria for hydraulic motors and pumps covers viscosity selection criteria for hydraulic fluids used with hydraulic motors and pumps in industrial and mobile systems. Price per copy: $51 list, $36 NFPA members.

  • NFPA/T3.10.12 R2-2002 Information report — Bibliography — Hydraulic fluid power — Filtration and contamination standards includes documents the committee believes are current or have been used during the past 10 years. Price per copy: $36 list, $25 NFPA members.

To order documents, phone 414-778-3353, fax 414-778-3361, e-mail [email protected], or order online at For orders outside the United States, phone +41-22-749-0111 or access to find out where to purchase ISO standards.

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