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Newcastle provides portable PowerPacks

The PowerPack Series portable power system from Newcastle Systems provides seamless, cordless AC power for 12 hours or more between rechargings from a standard wall outlet. Quiet and compact, the PowerPack is ideal for manufacturing plants, warehouses, remote storage areas, loading docks, or anywhere else that power is not available.

Housed in a sealed, fully ventilated steel cabinet (20" × 21" × 14"), the PowerPack comes standard with an inverter (modified sine wave, input 12 volts, output 115 volts AC, 60 hertz), battery, “smart charger” (20 amperes with automatic shutoff), and fusing system. UL- and CSA-approved, it supports up to 1,000 watts and operates at temperatures from 32° to 120° F; run time varies according to use.

The PowerPack is available with one slide-out battery or two. A single-battery configuration (PowerPack 42) will typically power a laptop/tablet computer and a large printer for eight to 10-plus hours, recharges in three to five hours, and weighs 120 pounds. A dual-battery configuration (PowerPack 45) will typically power a desktop PC and a large printer for eight to 10-plus hours, recharges in eight to 10 hours, and weighs 160 pounds.

A digital, color-coded meter shows the unit's battery status and includes a visual and audible low-voltage alert. Also standard are built-in handles, a cord holder, and a six-outlet power strip.

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