New trailer standards in Mexico

For the first time, safety requirements for trailers are in effect in Mexico, as published in the Official Gazette on Dec. 23. The NOM-EM-010-SCFI-2003 “Safety Requirements for Trailers and Semitrailers” went into effect Dec. 24. The standards are similar to those of the NHTSA published under the 49CFR, but there are some specifics for Mexico as follows:· Axles for air ride suspension should have a minimum of 5/8” wall and 30,000-lb rating. · Axles for spring suspension should also have 5/8” wall but 25,000-lb rating. · Suspension capacity should be at least the same as axle capacity. · Wheel capacity should be at least 7,700-lb minimum. · Tires should be NOM stamped. · Air brake tank(s) capacity should be at least 11 times the capacity of the service brakes for trailers with air ride suspension or eight times for trailers with spring suspension.· Brake valves must meet FMVSS-121. · Service air brake lines should be ½” OD minimum, blue, and supply lines should be 3/8” OD minimum, red. · Air brake chambers should have a minimum of 30 in2, and 2-1/2” stroke. · 2S1M ABS minimum is required. · Automatic slack adjusters are mandatory. · Lights required for dry vans: o Two yellow front clearance lamps.o Four red tail lamps. o Two red stop lamps. o Two rear red turn signal lamps.o Three red rear clearance lamps. o One white license plate lamp. o Three clearance lamps per side: one yellow at the front, one yellow at the middle and one red at the rear. o Two marker lamps per side: one yellow at the middle and one red at the rear. o One yellow turn light at the middle per side.o Combinations allowed: § Two tail lights may also be stop lights. § Two tail lights may also be turn signal lights if they are red. § Middle yellow markers may also be turn lights. § Front clearance yellow lamp and front side yellow clearance lamps may be one per side if located on the top corner and visible from either the front or the side. o Reflective tape should meet Mexican standard NMX-D-225-1996-SCFI. · Specification Plate should be metallic with the following data: o Name of manufacturer including address and phone number. o Trademark. o Manufacturing date. o Country of origin. o VIN meeting NOM-EM-009-SCFI-2003. o Vehicle weight. o Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) o Gross axle weight rating (GAWR) indicating tire size and inflation pressure.o Dimensions in meters: length, width, height.The manufacturer of a new vehicle must deliver to the trucking company a letter stating all the data mentioned in the specifications’ plate as well as a statement assuring that the vehicle complies with all of the specifications mentioned in the standard, which could be verified any time during the life of the vehicle.

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