New study examines fleet trailer demand

CK Commercial Vehicle Research has completed its annual Fleet Trailer Study reporting on new demand and how decisions are made for new trailers, components, and added technology.

The survey queried decisionmakers from 50 small, medium, and large for-hire, private, and government fleets operating in excess of 129,000 trailers. Overall, 2012 demand for new trailers for the group participating in this year's study indicates a solid increase over 2011 — with 37% of respondents expecting to purchase more in 2012 than 2011 and only 7% expecting to purchase fewer trailers next year. Much of the demand for this group is being driven by aging trailer fleets with substantial numbers being purchased to add capacity as well.

Questions in this year's survey covered expected trailer purchases for the remainder of 2011 and full-year 2012, preferred trailer brands and component spec'ing profiles, decisionmaking factors, plans for new technology, views on current deficiencies in trailer design, most influential sources of information, and effectiveness of advertising. The 25-page 2011 report includes charts, analysis, and verbatim quotes from participants. An overview of the study and how to order a copy can be found at

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