New PT 1000: more payload, less upkeep

Engineering changes have improved the efficiency and maintenance requirements of the PT 1000, a rear loader unveiled by Heil Environmental Industries Ltd in 2002. The PT 1000 already offers a 15-second cycle time and a reload time of six seconds.

Heil engineers have added a new resistance relief valve to the body to increase pressure applied on the load while packing. It's possible to pack a load up to 1,000 pounds per cubic yard. Not only does this payload capacity mean fewer trips to the landfill or transfer station, but it also improves the vehicle's weight distribution. Refuse is constantly pushed to the front of the body, toward the front axle, for better weight distribution.

The PT 1000 also has new tailgate shoes. The 14" shoes use bronze for the top and sides, which bear all the high loads, and smooth plastic for the bottom. The long shoes spread the load over a larger area than shorter designs, which leads to reduced wear on the shoes and tailgate track.

Assembled from laser-cut components for a precise fit every time, the new shoes also feature new, larger-diameter connecting pins to better withstand stress.

For more information, contact Heil, 6400 Building B, 5751 Cornelison Rd, Chattanooga TN 37411.

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