New name for Fontaine parent

Marmon Highway Technologies is the new name for privately held conglomerate that owns a wide range of truck- and trailer-related companies.

The new name reflects a new approach to the market, one designed to begin raising awareness of the single ownership and marketing muscle of this group of companies that are well known individually.

These companies, including some recent acquisitions, have collective sales of $6 billion, according to Kelly Dier, president. The Marmon operations include:

  • Detroit Steel Products Company (air suspensions)

  • Fontaine Fleetline Products (truck and trailer accessories)

  • Fontaine International (fifthwheels)

  • Fontaine Modification Company (truck modification centers)

  • Fontaine Specialized (heavy-hauler trailers)

  • Fontaine Trailer Company (platforms and dropdeck trailers)

  • Marmon-Herrington Company (low floor and all-wheel drive systems)

  • Perfection Clutch Company (clutches and clutch parts)

  • Ravens Trailer Company (aluminum platforms and dump trailers)

  • Triangle Suspension Systems (suspension, brake, and steering parts)

  • Webb Wheel Products.

Marmon Highway Technologies, 171 Cleage Drive, Birmingham AL.

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