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New Mack Granite spec’ed for snowplows

Specifications designed to make the Mack Granite chassis better suited for snowplow applications are now available from Mack Trucks Inc.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has already taken delivery of its first 11 Granite snowplows, and has ordered another 11 for this year. The department has also ordered another 105 Granite snowplows for delivery next year -- the single largest order to date for any Granite model.

In developing the Granite snowplow, Mack worked closely with PENNDOT, soliciting input from operators and mechanics around the state – the people in the field with first-hand knowledge of what snow removal is all about.

Key features of the Granite snowplow include a heated windshield and mirrors, which, coupled with the Granite series’ aerodynamically sloped hood, Mack “Visibility” door and large peep window provide excellent visibility in wintry weather conditions. The air cleaner is located under the hood, protecting it from harmful snow and ice. And the high-strength steel in front that carries the plow and hitch is an extension of the frame rail, improving durability.

Other orders for the Mack snowplow package include the New York City Department of Transportation. The department has ordered 25 Granite snowplows, and is considering between 25 to 50 more. The West Virginia Division of Highways is looking at a similar order. And the Idaho Transportation Department is waiting to receive its initial order of 37 Granite snowplows.

One of the of the PENNDOT and Idaho arrangements with Mack is that any not-for profit organization in these states, including hospitals and schools as well as county and local governments, can utilize these contracts to purchase Granite vehicles of their own, at the same volume discount price.

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