New International engine retrofit program reduces diesel emissions

International Truck and Engine Corporation today announced a retrofit program that allows customers to reduce emissions from diesel engines in late-model vehicles to levels at or below those of natural gas engines. When used in conjunction with ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel, the exhaust retrofit kits can reduce particulate and hydrocarbon emissions by more than 80 percent.Offered by the International Emissions Technology program, the exhaust retrofit kit is designed for electronically-controlled engines in International vehicles manufactured since 1994, as well as for diesel engines from other manufacturers' vehicles under certain conditions. This includes International brand engines as well as competitive makes and models. The retrofit option is currently restricted to markets where ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel is commercially available. The fuel will be mandated for national distribution under a new Federal rule that takes effect in mid-2006."Our customers are thinking green. They are searching for environmentally conscious solutions, as well as ways to operate their vehicles more efficiently and economically," said Steve Keate, president, truck group, International Truck and Engine Corporation. "This retrofit option accomplishes those goals while also delivering a cost-effective way to comply with stricter emissions requirements." International's program coincides with the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency's voluntary diesel retrofit program, which has a goal of 100,000 retrofits of diesel vehicles by the end of this year. EPA and local governments are also offering economic incentives to retrofit diesel vehicles.International's Green Diesel Technology vehicle engine, already available in school bus models, in March 2001 became the first technology certified by the EPA and California Air Resources Board as achieving the low levels of hydrocarbon and particulate matter emissions that will be required under stricter standards that take effect in 2007."With this new program, International brings our leadership experience with low-emitting diesel technology in new vehicles to the owners of vehicles already in service," said International's Keate. The International Emissions Technology exhaust kits can be retrofitted on trucks or buses with International DT466 engines with serial numbers greater than 1194039 and on International T444E engines with serial numbers greater than 843990.The retrofit kits can be purchased from local International dealers. More information on the retrofit kits and other products and services from the International Emissions Technology Program is available at

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