New home for NATM

THE National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) celebrated the opening of its new offices with an open house and ribbon cutting October 19.

The NATM board of directors approved the purchase of an office building for the association in July 2005. After extensive research, the association closed on the new location in June.

The new address is:

320 S W Topeka Boulevard

Topeka KS 66612-1817

The association left rented facilities, also in Topeka, for one that it purchased. The new offices are close enough to the old location that NATM did not have to change phone and fax numbers.

Staff members did much of the work involved in getting the building ready for occupancy, including painting and changing out ceiling tiles.

The two-story structure includes a conference room large enough to hold meetings of the NATM board of directors. It also provides space for offices for a growing staff that includes several new members:

  • Clint Lancaster, compliance consultant, joins Greg Sowden in a program designed to help NATM members upgrade their operations and meet the standards set in the association's compliance program. He has been with the association since August.

  • Shannon Miller, director of marketing and communications, joined the association in July to produce NATM publications and to help implement the group's marketing efforts.

  • Monica Johnson, executive assistant, has been part of the association since February. She helps Allison Malmstrom, membership director, with services for prospective and new members. She also assists with the paperwork and logistics of scheduling visits by NATM compliance consultants, helps with trade show registration, and helps Pam O'Toole, executive director, with paperwork and miscellaneous research.

  • Brenda Bergman, administrative assistant, also joined NATM in February. She handles incoming phone calls, processes orders for compliance decals, and assists other staff members.

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