New engine available for Volvo VN

Volvo Trucks North America Inc. (VTNA) has announced the availability of the 465-hp Volvo VE D12 diesel engine for the new Volvo VN. Volvo VE D12 engines are engineered to meet EPA '02 emission regulations and have the same horsepower and torque ratings as Volvo's pre-EPA'02 engines. Oil change intervals on the VE 465 are maintained at 25,000 miles, also the same as last year's engines. VTNA said the VE 465 does not require exhaust aftertreatment to meet the new emissions regulations. Like other Volvo VE D12 engines, the VE 465 also avoids the complexity of a variable geometry turbocharger. Although it has the same peak torque of 1650-lbs.-ft. as previous engines, VTNA said the new VE 465 has a flatter power output curve, which means drivers can access peak power throughout more of the engine's range. Horsepower is maintained at 465 HP from 1500 to 1825 rpm.

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