New 20-Ton Tag Trailer Joins Jet Co Line

Jet Co has added a new 20-ton tag trailer to its line of flatbed and dropdeck trailers. The standard 29' × 102" trailer has a 35" deck height with 215 × 75R × 17.5 radial tires. The trailer has a 19' flat deck with a 5' fixed beavertail and spring-assisted flip-up ramps, that when flipped up level with the deck provides a 24' usable load space. Components include three sets of heavy-duty D-rings, 2" oak decking, 22,500-lb rated axles, air brakes with automatic slack adjusters and anti-lock brakes. This trailer is ideal for hauling backhoes, small bulldozers, and other heavy equipment. For more details, contact Jet, 1303 N 13th St North, Humboldt IA.

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