Navistar Defense Debuts Its Husky Tactical Support Vehicle

Navistar Defense LLC today debuted its International Husky Tactical Support Vehicle (TSV) at the U.K. Ministry of Defense Vehicle Show (known as DVD).

In April, the Ministry of Defense awarded the company a contract to provide 262 Husky vehicles. Organized by the Ministry’s Defense Equipment and Support division, DVD offers attendees the chance to see vehicles in action on the show’s off-road course.

Specially designed to meet U.K. urgent operational requirements in Afghanistan, the lighter and more mobile Husky is built to navigate the rough Afghan terrain, while offering added protection from ballistics fire, mines and roadside bombs.

The Husky, which is the medium variant for the TSV program, will be procured in three vehicle types: patrol, ambulance and command vehicle. Integrated with U.K. specific systems by Dytecna, the vehicle accommodates a four-person crew and is equipped with a MaxxForce D 6.0 L V8 engine, Allison five-speed automatic transmission, and also incorporates Plasan Sasa’s armouring solution.

Last month, Navistar also delivered its first two Husky prototypes, ahead of schedule, to undergo final requirements testing before full production begins this summer.

“The Navistar team is going after an aggressive delivery commitment to provide our U.K. forces with the equipment they need as soon as possible,” said Archie Massicotte, president, Navistar Defense. “Not only will we deliver quickly to support those in theater, but Navistar is prepared to rapidly incorporate design changes into our vehicles as in-theater threats evolve.”

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