Navistar Acquires Certain Assets of E-Z Pack

E-Z Pack Manufacturing, a refuse truck body manufacturer, announced that certain assets, including intellectual property, of the company are being acquired by Navistar, Inc.

E-Z Pack President Greg Podell said he expects E-Z Pack to continue to operate in a normal business manner throughout a transition period.

“We will continue to build, market, sell and support our traditional chassis-agnostic product lines, including our full line of quality Hercules front loaders and automated side loaders, and our Goliath rear loaders,” he said. “We will also support the integrated cab-chassis-body product line from Navistar.”

“This acquisition is another example of how Navistar is growing its business by leveraging what we have and what others have built,” said Jack Allen, president, Navistar’s North American truck group. “The addition of integrated refuse bodies to our line-up gives us another opportunity to
provide an integrated, one-stop shop for waste haulers.”

Podell noted that the E-Z Pack manufacturing plant in Cynthiana, Kentucky, will continue building and mounting refuse truck bodies on all chassis by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) throughout the transition period.

“Our relationship with Navistar began as a collaborative integration project intended to solve the various technical and operational challenges commonly faced by waste haulers buying chassis from one OEM and acquiring packer bodies from a separate body OEM,” Podell said. “The simplicity afforded haulers by an integrated refuse truck will provide improved productivity and fleet management efficiencies.”

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