NATM’s Compliance Consultation program booming in 2004

The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers says its Compliance Consultation program has grown so rapidly in 2004 that over half of the association's manufacturing members have undergone a consultation and the purchase of Compliance Decals has increased by approximately 10%.

In 2004, free marketing materials became available to NATM members who are in compliance. These materials, which include posters and countertop displays, are designed to educate the public about the significance of the Compliance Decal. These materials can be distributed to dealers who sell trailers with the Compliance Decal. Over 5,000 posters have been distributed to certified NATM members since the materials became available.

Consumers are encouraged to look for the Compliance Decals when purchasing a trailer. This 3-inch decal displayed on a trailer is an assurance that the manufacturer put safety first in the production of the new trailer.

NATM released the Compliance Decal in May 2002 with the purpose of recognizing NATM members that have verified compliance with NATM Guidelines. The Guidelines are the basis for the Compliance Program, which is designed to evaluate members who voluntarily undergo an inspection by NATM to ensure that the trailers they produce are built in accordance with federal regulations and other industry standards. Of particular concern are the safety-related items and components found on trailers and the regulations that govern them.

"The Compliance Program is one of the most important programs initiated by the NATM," said Brad Henning, NATM president. "NATM's vision and mission is to improve safety within our industry, and our Compliance Program is the vehicle to drive these improvements. As our participating manufacturers go through the consultation, they become better informed and the end result is that the buyer has a safer trailer. That is the major goal of the Compliance Program."

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