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NATM calls for nominations to board of directors

In accordance with the NATM Bylaws, this call for nominations is being submitted to all active members of the Association. Election of Directors will take place by mail ballot prior to the 2006 Annual Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 31 – February 4. All nominations will be given fair and equal consideration, and you are encouraged to participate in helping shape the leadership of your Association.

According to NATM Bylaws - Article VII, Section 3, ELECTION OF DIRECTORS: Not less than 120 days prior to the annual meeting, the Executive Director shall send a request to the Membership for nominations to the Board of Directors to fill the terms expiring at the next annual meeting. The Nominations Committee shall present the Board of Directors with a proposed Slate of Directors to fill open positions on the Board for the Boards approval or amendment. The approved proposed slate shall then be submitted to the Membership prior to the annual meeting by mail ballot containing the opportunity to write in additional candidates. The ballot shall be mailed to each Member entitled to vote in the election. Every Regular and Associate Member shall have the right to cast a vote for as many candidates as there are Directors to be elected and for whose election that Member has a right to vote. The candidate(s) receiving the largest number of votes in each class shall become Director(s), to take office at the close of the annual meeting.

From your nominations, the Bylaws/Nominations Committee, this year chaired by Larry McDonald, will formally nominate a slate of candidates for election, to be elected by mail ballot prior to the Annual Convention. In order to serve on the NATM Board, all nominees must be members in good standing and be willing to attend a minimum of three Board meetings annually at their own expense. All nominees must be asked if they are willing to serve prior to their nomination.

All nominations must be received by NATM Headquarters no later than October 15, 2005.

Regular Members may nominate Regular Members to fill a Regular Member vacancy on the Board and/or Associate Members to fill an Associate Member vacancy. Likewise, Associate Members may nominate Associate Members for Associate Member vacancies and/or Regular Members to fill Regular Member vacancies.

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