Muncie names new president

Ray Chambers has been named chairman, chief executive officer, and president for Muncie Power Products, Inc.

Chambers has more than two decades of proven organizational leadership,

“My vision for the future of Muncie Power is living itself out this very moment,” Chambers said. “Over the last three years we've developed a culture of ‘team-based management’ as well as a solid foundation of employees who know what it's like to combine their collective strengths and simply get things done.”

Utilizing the knowledgeable people within the organization and harnessing their expertise to identify strategic opportunities for our company is a major part of Chambers plan for the success of Muncie Power.

Chambers is convinced that Muncie Power has the best workforce in the industry and nothing stabilizes or supports the success of a company more than a leader who wholeheartedly believes in their company.

“Our relationship with our parent company, Interpump Group, is strong because we are in perfect alignment with their values and growth strategies. We are humble and proud to be associated with them. Interpump will invest in Muncie to launch more products in the United States because of the strength of our market and the power of our brand.”

Utilizing a stable of long term employees and an ever growing group of fresh talent, Chambers is confident that Muncie Power is ready to bring new products and technologies to the market. But above all else, Chambers believes the most important aspect to a company's success is having a team with a common set of beliefs.

Muncie Power Products, a member of the Interpump Group, is an industry leading supplier of power take-offs, hydraulic system components, and advanced electronic controls. The company is headquartered in Muncie, Indiana, and has company-owned distribution centers in Indiana, Georgia, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia. Tulsa, Oklahoma, is home to the company's manufacturing and engineering and test facilities.

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