Multilock tiedown wins award

Officials in Europe are increasingly concerned with the accident potential of shifting loads, cargo lost on the roadways, and trailers overturning. Trailer manufacturers are responding with more tiedown equipment.

Bernard Krone GmbH won the KfZ Anzeiger trailer innovation award for the year 2002 for its new Multilock-Multiblock tiedown system. It consists of a stanchion that can be locked down to the rubrail at any point along the length of the platform. This stanchion is the base for materials handling posts and second decking supports.

The stanchion also has a bridge beam that connects to the stanchion on the other side of the trailer. This Multiblock bridge beam a few inches above the floor serves as a positive stop against pallets shifting forward or rearward. The bridge beam also serves as a tiedown rail with 22 apertures available for tiedown across the width of the platform. Bernard Krone GmbH, Mecklenburger Strasse 7, D-49753 Werlte, Germany.

TAGS: Trailers
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