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Most Carriers Say CSA an Improvement over SafeStat

Most carriers believe CSA represents an improvement over SafeStat, and that it will remove unsafe carriers and drivers from the industry and improve safety, according to a survey of 695 carriers by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI).

Carriers also displayed a high level of knowledge on ATRI’s 14-item CSA knowledge test, although knowledge varied with certain carrier traits and attitudes.

While first-year CSA impacts have not been dramatic, carriers who self-reported having one or more BASICs above threshold were markedly more likely to experience negative changes to their shipper and broker utilization.

This is the second release by ATRI examining CSA impacts; earlier this year ATRI released the results of its commercial driver CSA survey.

“Our plan is to conduct both of these CSA surveys annually,” commented Rebecca Brewster, ATRI President and COO, “and believe that both surveys will become key annual indicators of CSA impacts and progress over time.”

Later this year ATRI will release its full CSA study, juxtaposing carrier and driver CSA impacts, along with additional CSA statistical analyses.

Motor carrier and driver survey results are available from ATRI at

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