Morgan Group Subsidiary Wins Injunction

Morgan Drive Away Inc, principal subsidiary of The Morgan Group Inc, has obtained a legal victory in its efforts to protect its business, drivers, and customers from unfair competition with the issuance of a preliminary federal injunction against a former Morgan officer and an industry competitor, according to The Morgan Group.

Morgan filed suit Sept 26, 2001, in a federal court in Georgia against former officer Ruby Davis and a competing trucking company, Bennett International Group, alleging that the parties had secretly conspired to misappropriate drivers, employees, customers, and trade secrets of Morgan through unlawful means at a time when Davis was still a senior officer of Morgan.

This lawsuit further alleges that while on Morgan's payroll, Davis and some of her subordinates worked with Bennett, using false information to convince drivers under contract with Morgan to leave and work for Bennett. It is also alleged that Davis and others working on behalf of Bennett sent more than 20 faxes (including some from Morgan's own facilities) encouraging retail dealers under false pretenses to instruct manufacturers to have their homes shipped by Bennett rather than Morgan in interference with those manufacturers' written agreements with Morgan.

The suit further alleges that Davis and others acting for Bennett improperly removed trade secret information and files from two offices of Morgan, including confidential pricing data that Bennett allegedly is using to unfairly compete with Morgan's price structure.

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