More Xpeditors to join Albuquerque fleet

The City of Albuquerque (NM) Solid Waste Management Department is adding 32 Xpeditors to its fleet, continuing a pattern that began in 1995 when the city ordered its first trucks through the local Autocar dealer, Trucks West of New Mexico.

“They've got about 200 trucks picking up trash now, and this sale means Xpeditors will make up over 60% of them,” says Tony Martinez, governmental sales representative at Trucks West of New Mexico. “They've ordered nothing but Xpeditors since they got their first ones.”

According to Martinez, Albuquerque will be receiving eight Xpeditor WXLL42s equipped with Amrep manual side loader bodies, 12 WX64s with New Way front loaders, and 12 WXR64s with Wittke automatic side loaders.

“The bid also included four trucks for the City of Santa Fe, two for the City of Gallup, and two more for the City of Las Cruces,” he says. “That brings the total to 40 trucks, and the City of Roswell has four WX42s with Heil bodies on order.”

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