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The Trailer/Body Builders website has added three new features designed to help you locate information that may be valuable to you.

  • Truck & Trailer Reference Desk. As of December 10, we have added the Truck & Trailer Reference Desk, a page where you can go to find recent stories on topics such as shop management, product design and engineering, truck body and equipment installation, recent regulations, and general management. What you will find today is but a fraction of what eventually will be there, as we pick out timeless information from the stories we have written during the 53 years that Trailer/Body Builders has been serving you.
  • In Case You Missed It. To make it easier for you to find some of the top stories that have appeared recently in Trailer/Body Builders Magazine, we have started “In Case You Missed It,” a section on our home page where listing key stories that we have printed during recent months. This is a feature of the website that went live last week.
  • International News. In a world that is increasingly interrelated, we began offering an international perspective on the home page last month. It contains news about truck body and trailer manufacturers, market forecasts, economic outlooks, and other stories.
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