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Mitsubishi redesigns frames for easier body mounting

Mitsubishi has redesigned the frames of its 2006 model FE140, FE145 and FE180 (Class 4 and Class 5) medium-duty cabover trucks to make body design and mounting easier.

For the 2006 model year, all Mitsubishi Fuso standard-cab FE model commercial trucks offer 33.1-inch-wide straight ladder-style frames. Frame rails are made from steel with a 51,200 psi yield strength, and all have an RBM per rail of 415,232 lb-in. Moreover, the rear suspension on the FE145 and FE180 includes a stabilizer bar with shock absorbers to reduce frame twist and to improve truck handling and safety.

Frame cross members mount to the frame-rail webs, so the top surfaces of the frame rails remain flat, with no impediments to body mounting. The two 799 CCA batteries also mount below the top of the frame, as does the thermostatically controlled automatic transmission cooler (for those trucks with AT).

Frames used for all wheelbase lengths for the FE140, FE145 and FE180 medium-duty trucks are also painted twice - once before assembly, and again after assembly to assure paint coverage of mounting and assembly hardware for better corrosion protection.

Wiring harnesses offer user access both at the rear of the frame and near the back of the cab, to accommodate any standard lighting or body electrical requirements. And, while a 33-gallon, side-mounted fuel tank is standard, a 30-gallon, in-frame tank is available as a no-cost option for those applications that need it.

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